The ultimate Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF)
50 times more powerful than GcMAF
Rerum activates macrophages
Macrophages are the large white blood cells of the immune system that are formed in response to an infection or accumulating damaged or dead cells. Macrophages recognize, engulf and destroy target cells. Occurring principally in connective tissue and in the bloodstream they ingest foreign particles and infectious microorganisms by phagocytosis. Macrophage-induced blood vessels are essential for nerve regeneration.
Macrophages are found in association with malignant tumors in a definable pattern, suggesting that the most direct way to achieve macrophage-mediated tumor regression is in situ macrophage activation. PubMed 1990 Feb;8(4):319-51. Macrophages and cancer. Whitworth PW1, Pak CC, Esgro J, Kleinerman ES,
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