Fragmentation of Brain Reactions by Switching Phenomenon?

Doepp, M., Thum, C.

TimeWaver-Health-Centre, 28 Dorf St., Bichwil 9248, Switzerland


Complementary medicine techniques show strange and paradox reactions on stimuli in persons who have a combined exposition to stress and electro-smog. This concerns to articles of Goodheart (the founder of Applied Kinesiology) in 1978. He called the phenomenon „Switching“ of the Central Nervous System (CNS). A switched brain is functionally fragmented or dissociated, resp. In our study we could prove that by testing the vegetative nervous system (VNS) by means of the Heart Rate variability (HRV) before and after 3 de-switching exercises – . Before: toxins were accepted and detox-agents were rejected, after: opposite and correct results. The differences were significant.

In 1978, Goodheart the founder of Applied Kinesiology (AK) found some strange behaviors of muscle reactions on stimuli. Stress (meaning dis-stress) seemed to be a main reason. The same was found by the author in 1999 using the Meridian Diagnostics method (Prognos®). Hence, the regulatory systems oft he CNS can work in a paradox way in certain situations. This was called „Switching“. Later the same was found using the HRV examining the VNS. In several Youtube videos the author described a de-switching procedure consisting of 3 simple exercises.

Materials and Methods
28 test persons were exposed to stress and electro-smog (cellphone calls for > 4 minutes). Their stress state was examined by HRV measurements (TimeWaver Cardio®) = „before“. Criteria were VLF, LF, and HF, incl. calculations of VLF/HF, and VLF+LF. They were exposed to a mixture of chemical toxins holding the bottle in the left hand. The HRV was done again, an improvement was „yes“, a deterioration was „no“ = „before“. They performed the 3 de-switching exercises. Then they were exposed to the same mixture of chemical toxins. and the HRV was done again, an improvement was „yes“, a deterioration was „no“ = „after“. The results of „before“ and „after“ were compared. The same procedure was done for a mixture of detox agents (chlorella, spirulina, DMSA).


Before: 23 of 28 resulted in „yes“ to toxins, 5 of 28 resulted in „no“ to toxins; 19 of 28 resulted in „no“ to detox, 9 of 28 resulted in „yes“ to detox.

After: 5 of 28 resulted in „yes“ to toxins, 23 of 28 resulted in „no“ to toxins; 4 of 28 resulted in „no“ to detox, 24 of 28 resulted in „yes“ to detox.

According to Student`s t-test all differences are significant für p < .0005.


  1. The addition of stress and electro-smog produces paradox results of the VNS examined by the HRV. This may be called „Switching“ of the CNS which is unable to judge toxins as dangerous and detox agents as positive. Reason may be a fragmentation of the brain reactions on stimuli.
  2. This behavior of the CNS is similar to that one concerning states of addictions.
  3. A de-switching procedure described by the authors earlier is able to normalize the reactions of the VNS.
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