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Natural Prevention and Treatments of Brain Diseases   

Manfred Doepp MD

Quantisana Health Centre, 2 Wartensee, Rorschacherberg 9404, Switzerland   www.quantisana.ch

Claims :
The Western civilizations are performing suicide.
Within several years we all will have brain diseases. However, we can do a lot about that.

Natural Prevention and Treatments of Brain Diseases

Amyloid-plaques around neurons. They are not a reason, but an effect. The brain works holographically like a fractal.

Amyloid-plaques around neurons. They are not a reason, but an effect.
The brain works holographically like a fractal.

Reasons :
Our life style has become unnatural and abnormal. However, our bodies still live in the stone age. Main negative environmental influences : technical electro-smog, pesticides, GMO`s, micro waves, histaminosis, gluten, kasein, fructose, stress…

The body uses fatty tissues like the brain as waste deposits for fat soluble toxins. Toxins in the mouth/within the gums penetrate into the brain (amalgame, gold, titan, root canal treatment poisons).

Mitochondriopathia, an autoaggressive disease, esp. in active organs like the brain. Goes along with electrones deficit.

Dementia types are the results of chronic encephalitis diseases. Tau proteins and amyloid plaques are the effect.

Klotho (a master protein in the brain) deficits https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/07/140724172108.htm

The gut flora (microbiome = belly brain) is overwhelmed by fungi and parasites https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/gut-flora-cancer-link/

The lymphatic flow to detoxify the head comes to a stop.

Results :
Switching of the brain functions https://youtu.be/VDtVRx1qhOQ, https://youtu.be/lgLo1PzWpz8

Defects of the brain-blood-barrier https://youtu.be/E_WJ_aJPWIA

Insert of germs (e.g. borreliosis https://youtu.be/V3qPo84Bj1w?list=PLCvrCRRdpin9ynfXjjagZEoaGrFGBTcB5) and toxins (e.g. metal ions https://youtu.be/0axRa1_QGxc, https://youtu.be/wrHbOJJ_Oyg ) into the brain.

Mind control: https://youtu.be/Crz_NQV23U8, https://youtu.be/1wgJTds1QUI

Changes :
Growth of the micro-glia cells, depletion of the neurons https://youtu.be/qHqdr0dVpmM. Dementia or similar brain diseases follow.

Treatments :
Detoxification of the brain; e.g. by coriandrum https://youtu.be/IHMpS7qFaQ4, EDTA https://youtu.be/bO7y31Wken0,

PektiClean https://quantisana-shop.ch/de/shop/single/darm-entgiftung/pekticlean

Deficient body-identical molecules are to be substituted, e.g. Gaba https://youtu.be/M_QQD9NdJcU, PEA = N-Palmitoylethanolamin https://www.greenleaves-vitamins.de/produkt/pea-pure-400-mg/

Herbal remedies, e.g. Rhodiola https://www.biovea.com/uk/product_detail.aspx?PID=1191 HYPERLINK „https://www.biovea.com/uk/product_detail.aspx?PID=1191&OS“& HYPERLINK „https://www.biovea.com/uk/product_detail.aspx?PID=1191&OS“OS,

Astragalus https://lifeplus.com/us-de/product-details/6063, Frankincense https://draxe.com/what-is-frankincense/

High quality oily acids are to be substituted, e.g. coconut oil https://youtu.be/L6JAqimRQkk

ATP production enhancement: NADH substitution www.nadh-birkmayer.com .

Amino acids supplementation by MAP https://quantisana-shop.ch/de/shop/overview/master-aminosaeuren and 5-HTP.

Free electrones should be substituted, e.g. by New H Caps www.drreinwald.de/dr-reinwald-vital.html and by the PainGone stick https://quantisana-shop.ch/de/shop/overview/paingone

Laser therapy of the blood (red laser) and of the brain (infrared laser)  https://www.dr-weber-laser-clinic.com/en/home/.

Deswitching should be performed several times per day https://youtu.be/b9eKPPcs8bo www.deswitch.com

Mechanical vibration methods of the head and the neck https://www.bms-muskelstimulation.com/ 

Drinking of clean and energized water https://quantisana-shop.ch/de/shop/overview/wasserfilter,                                   https://quantisana-shop.ch/de/shop/overview/gletscherwasser, clean air should be breathed www.bestairfilter.de, www.airnergy.com 

Earthing/grounding e.g. by earthed matrasses https://quantisana-shop.ch/de/shop/overview/earthwaver. Massages of the toes.

Mobile phone use should be reduced and E-smog preventive chips should be used, e.g. www.i-like.net

Summary :   

Brain diseases can be prevented and treated by means of natural methods and substances. We need not put our heads into the sand.